About Aeropeople

Employers have little time to read every CV that lands on their desk, so it is essential that it makes a good impression the first time around. It is vital that it is concise, accurate and relevant. It should document your abilities and achievements, highlight your strengths and make any potential employer want to meet you. It is your primary tool to secure an interview.

This is your opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective employer and, if tailored to the job you are applying for, it will provide evidence that you are a good candidate for the position on offer.

Need help?
You can download some of our key CV tips here, or you can download our CV template which is ready to be updated with your details.

Using the Template

  • Save a copy of the file on your computer.
  • The template is set out as a series of fields for you to fill in, gradually building up the content of your CV.
  • Replace all the standard text in the template with your own details ensuring a true and accurate reflection of your achievements and work history is presented
  • If you can, try printing out the CV to ensure it looks as you expect it to.
  • Save a copy of the finished file on your computer and then send us your new CV.